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Previous Years Agendas

The agenda for the current upcoming City Council meeting will typically be available online by the Saturday evening before the scheduled Tuesday meeting. The PDF file linked below will contain the date of the meeting. The agenda is also typically available at City Hall the day before the meeting.

Agenda for City Council Meeting: December 12, 2017

Please Note: The previous meeting agenda is linked above until updated with the current, upcoming agenda. Carefully check the dates.  The Committee or Council Meeting will not appear in the list below until after the meeting has occurred.


12/12/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
12/12/2017Committee of the Whole Meeting
12/5/2017Service and Recreation Committee Meeting
12/5/2017Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting
11/28/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
11/28/2017Committee of the Whole Meeting
11/21/2017Audit Committee Meeting
11/21/2017Finance Committee Meeting
11/21/2017Safety Committee Meeting
11/14/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
11/14/2017Committee of the Whole Meeting
11/7/2017Service and Recreation Committee Meeting
11/7/2017Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting
10/24/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
10/24/2017Committee of the Whole Meeting
10/17/2017Audit Committee Meeting
10/17/2017Finance Committee Meeting
10/17/2017Safety Committee Meeting
10/10/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
10/10/2017Committee of the Whole MeetingMinutes
10/3/2017Service and Recreation Committee Meeting
10/3/2017Planning and Zoning Committee Meeting
9/26/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
9/26/2017Committee of the Whole Meeting
9/19/2017Audit Committee Meeting
9/19/2017Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
9/19/2017Safety Committee MeetingMinutes
9/12/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
9/12/2017Committee of the Whole MeetingMinutes
9/5/2017Service and Recreation Committee MeetingMinutes
9/5/2017Planning and Zoning Committee MeetingMinutes
8/22/2017Audit Committee Meeting
8/22/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
8/22/2017Committee of the Whole
8/22/2017Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
8/22/2017Safety Committee MeetingMinutes
8/8/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
8/8/2017Committee of the WholeMinutes
8/8/2017Service and Recreation Committee MeetingMinutes
8/8/2017Planning and Zoning Committee MeetingMinutes
7/25/2017Audit Committee Meeting (Did Not Convene)
7/25/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
7/25/2017Committee of the WholeMinutes
7/25/2017Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
7/25/2017Safety Committee MeetingMinutes
7/11/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
7/11/2017Committee of the WholeMinutes
7/11/2017Service and Recreation Committee MeetingMinutes
7/11/2017Planning and Zoning Committee MeetingMinutes
6/27/2017Audit Committee Meeting (Did Not Convene)
6/27/2017City Council MeetingAgenda
6/27/2017Committee of the WholeMinutes
6/27/2017Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
6/27/2017Safety Committee MeetingMinutes

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