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The agenda for the current upcoming City Council meeting will typically be available online by the Sunday evening before the scheduled Tuesday meeting. The PDF file linked below will contain the date of the meeting. The agenda is also typically available at City Hall the day before the meeting.

Visit City Council's YouTube page for meeting videos by clicking here.

4/13/2021City Council MeetingAgenda
4/13/2021Committee of the Whole Meeting
4/6/2021Service and Recreation MeetingMinutes
4/6/2021Planning and Zoning Committee of CouncilMinutes
4/6/2021Audit Committee MeetingMinutes
3/23/2021City Council MeetingAgenda
3/23/2021Committee of the Whole Meeting
3/16/2021Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
3/16/2021Safety Committee Meeting
3/9/2021City Council Meeting - IN PERSON MEETINGAgenda
3/9/2021Committee of the Whole Meeting - IN PERSON MEETINGMinutes
3/3/2021SPECIAL Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
3/2/2021Service and Recreation Meeting - RETURNING IN PERSONMinutes
3/2/2021Planning and Zoning Committee of Council - IN PERSON MEETINGMinutes
3/2/2021Audit Committee Meeting - RETURNING TO IN PERSON MEETINGSMinutes
2/23/2021City Council MeetingAgenda
2/23/2021Committee of the Whole MeetingMinutes
2/16/2021Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
2/16/2021Safety Committee MeetingMinutes
2/9/2021City Council MeetingAgenda
2/9/2021Committee of the Whole MeetingMinutes
2/2/2021Service and Recreation MeetingMinutes
2/2/2021Planning and Zoning Committee of CouncilMinutes
2/2/2021Audit Committee MeetingMinutes
1/26/2021City Council MeetingAgenda
1/26/2021Committee of the Whole MeetingMinutes
1/19/2021Finance Committee MeetingMinutes
1/19/2021Safety Committee MeetingMinutes
1/12/2021City Council MeetingAgenda
1/12/2021Committee of the Whole MeetingMinutes
1/5/2021Service and Recreation Meeting - VIRTUALMinutes
1/5/2021Planning and Zoning Committee of Council - VIRTUALMinutes
12/22/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
12/22/2020Committee of the Whole Meeting
12/17/2020SPECIAL Finance Committee Meeting - CANCELLED
12/15/2020Finance Committee Meeting - VIRTUAL
12/15/2020Safety Committee Meeting - VIRTUAL
12/8/2020City Council Meeting - VIRTUALAgenda
12/8/2020Committee of the Whole Meeting - VIRTUAL
12/1/2020Service and Recreation Meeting - VIRTUAL
12/1/2020Planning and Zoning Committee of Council - VIRTUAL
11/24/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
11/24/2020Committee of the Whole Meeting - VIRTUAL
11/17/2020Finance Committee Meeting -VIRTUAL
11/17/2020SPECIAL City Council Meeting - VIRTUALAgenda
11/17/2020Safety Committee Meeting
11/10/2020City Council Meeting - VIRTUALAgenda
11/10/2020Committee of the Whole Meeting - VIRTUAL
11/10/2020Service and Recreation Meeting - DATE CHANGE & NEW START TIME - VIRTUAL
11/10/2020Planning and Zoning Committee of Council - DATE CHANGE & NEW START TIME - VIRTUAL
11/10/2020Audit Committee Meeting VIRTUAL
10/27/2020City Council MeetingAgenda
10/27/2020Committee of the Whole Meeting
10/27/2020Finance Committee Meeting - DATE CHANGE & NEW START TIME - VIRTUAL
10/27/2020Safety Committee Meeting - DATE CHANGE & NEW START TIME - VIRTUAL