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Alarm Permit Information

    The city of Richmond Heights Chapter 791 Emergency Alarm Systems states that no person shall operate an alarm system without a valid permit. This legislation passed in 1986 is one that many residents may not be aware of. If you have a home or business in the city of Richmond Heights with an active alarm system that is monitored by an alarm company, you need to obtain an alarm permit.

    How to obtain a permit?

    Please come visit the police department Monday through Friday from 8 am to 5 pm and see the Clerk. She will have you complete a permit application. A $10 fee is required and can be paid in cash or check. You will receive a copy of the permit along with a receipt.

    What information is needed?

    We will ask basic information such as name, address and phone number. Also more specific information such as alarm company name, date the alarm was installed/activated, and 3 emergency contacts (name, address and phone).

    How does this benefit the residents?

    This allows the Richmond Heights Police Department to have contact information for you if we need to reach you regarding your property. Once dispatched to an alarm, if the officers find an open door to the residence or an unknown person on the property or around the property or any other concerns, the dispatchers can call to inform the resident. If the resident is unavailable then we can contact an alternative key holder or emergency contact.

    Is there a charge for false alarms?

    Yes, by keeping a count of false alarms, businesses and residents are informed of deficiencies in their systems. A system that is not working properly can defeat the purpose of having a system. In addition, it diverts police officers' time from other duties and responsibilities.

    Residential users:

    No charge shall be made for any false alarms during the first ninety days from installation or the first false alarm thereafter annually or for a false alarm to which there was no response by the Police or Fire Department. A charge of ten dollars ($10.00) shall be made for a third false alarm annually and a charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be made for each additional false alarm.

    Business users:

    A charge of twenty-five dollars ($25.00) shall be made for each of the first three false alarms annually and a charge of fifty dollars ($50.00) shall be made for each false alarm thereafter annually.

Alarm invoices are mailed out quarterly by the Police Department Records Clerk. Any questions please contact the Clerk at 216-531-3644.