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Curbside Recycling

Richmond Heights is a recycling community, and the City encourages its residents to participate.  The City picks up recycling items curbside. Recycling collections are the first and third Monday of each month for the streets south of Highland and the second and fourth Mondays for the streets North of Highland. Recyclables should be placed in clear or blue plastic bags and placed apart from your regular rubbish on collection day.

  1. Plastics: Please keep caps on bottles, remove labels, rinse out and flatten containers. Please click for more details about which plastics can be recycled.
  2. Glass: Bottles and jars of clear, green and brown can be mixed together in the same bag.  Please discard lids, remove label, and rinse out containers.
  3. Aluminum/Bi-Metal: All containers can be mixed; please remove labels, rinse container and flatten.

In addition to regular recycling pickup, the City also participates in Simple Recycling, a simple, free and easy way to recycle your gently pre-owned clothing, shoes, accessories and other household discards like kitchenware, tools, toys, home goods and books. Be sure to use the Simple Recycling bags provided to you and place them outside on your regular trash pickup day.