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Finance Department

James W. Teknipp, Director of Finance

Thomas DiLellio, Assistant Director of Finance 

The Director of Finance is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the City and is responsible for collecting receipts; making disbursements and maintaining the financial books and records of the City. With the Mayor, the Director of Finance prepares the annual budget to be submitted and approved by City Council.

Tony Miceli, Tax Administrator
The Tax Administrator is responsible for enforcing payment of income taxes and keeping records of the amounts due from each taxpayer.

The City income tax is collected on the City’s behalf by the Regional Income Tax Agency (RITA). Tax forms are available at City Hall. All residents who are 18 years of age or older must file a city tax return with RITA, whether tax is due or not. The mailing address and phone number is:

10107 Brecksville Road
Brecksville, Ohio 44141
(440) 526-0900
(440) 526-4455 (Tax assistance only)

Regional Income Tax:

The Department of Finance may be reached at (216) 486-2474.

Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer:

City of Richmond Heights, Cuyahoga County Auditor of State
Annual Information Filing for Fiscal Year 2015

Basic Financial Statements For The Year Ended December 31, 2013

Property Taxes by School District Financial Overview of the Richmond Heights Local School District Past Annual Reports

City Annual Report for 2014, Details by Section / Department

City Annual Report for 2012, Details by Section / Department
City Annual Report for 2011, Details by Section / Department
City Annual Report for 2010, Details by Section / Department
2011 Budget Summary Document 
For more details, the full budget document can be reviewed at City Hall

Contact Information

City Hall 
Administrative Offices
(216) 486-2474 
Fax (216) 383-6320  

10107 Brecksville Road 
Brecksville, Ohio 44141 
(440) 526-0900 
(440) 526-4455 (Tax assistance only)