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How Do I?

City Hall

Residents are encouraged to call 888-LIGHTSS (544-4877) to report their outages.

For updated information on the company’s storm preparation efforts, current outages, FirstEnergy's storm restoration process and tips for staying safe, visit the 24/7 Power Center at :  

FirstEnergy operating companies will also provide updates via Twitter: @IlluminatingCo
Everything you need to know as a voter is available on the Board of Elections website: or by calling 216-443-3298. Voters may confirm their ward, precinct, voting location, find out how to register to vote, what you need to bring to your polling place, or request a provisional ballot. Please remember that name and address changes must be made at least 30 days before all elections. 
You can contact The Legal Aid Society's Tenant Information Line at 216-861-5955 any weekday during business hours for information related to tenant and rental housing questions.  Note - this line does not provide legal advice.  For more information about how the Legal Aid Society can help you go to
Such a flag should be destroyed in a dignified way, preferably by burning. You can bring your old flags to City Hall and we will be happy to properly dispose of it for you. Most VFW Posts will also help with this service.
No animals are permitted in the City Parks without being registered through the Police Department. There is no fee to register your animal just stop in the Police Department and fill out the registration form.
Local ordinances prohibit noxious weeds and tall grass that is more than six inches in height. Such weeds and or tall grasses are declared to be nuisances and should be reported to the Building Department by calling 216-383-6312.
New Year’s Day, Memorial Day, Fourth of July, Labor Day, Thanksgiving and Christmas are the only six holidays that could POSSIBLY INTERRUPT your rubbish collection. In the case that one of these holidays does fall during the week, rubbish pick-up will be delayed one day.
Yes, The Kiwanis Lodge is available for rent to all Richmond Heights residents. Call the Recreation Department at 216-383-6313 to check on availability.
The City of Richmond Heights participates in two different aggregation programs for utility savings:
  • For gas savings, residents are automatically included in the NOPEC (Northeast Ohio Public Energy Council) aggregation unless you opt out.  Opt-out notices are sent to every eligible natural gas consumer every two years.  For more information see the NOPEC Residents website page or call 1-855-667-3201 (1-855NOPEC01).
  • For electric savings, residents are automatically included in Energy Harbor aggregation unless you opt out. Opt-out notices are sent to every eligible electricity customer every three years. For more information see the Energy Harbor webpage, call 

    1-888-254-6359, or email

Service Department

Call Cleveland Water at 216-664-3130, sign up for Cleveland Water’s web portal at, and/or download their informational brochure at
You can set them on your tree lawn for the Service Department to come and chip them (make sure the branches are all going the same way) we do not have a specific schedule for pick up, or the quickest way is to cut them down to 4ft in length, bundle and tie them and put them out with your regular trash.
You must bag them and put out with your trash.
You must roll and tie and cut into 4ft lengths and put out with your trash.
Call the Service Department and we will usually schedule a next day pick up.
The City of Richmond Heights partners with Simple Recycling, which offers a curbside pickup recycling program at absolutely zero cost to partner municipalities and their residents. Just use the provided green “Simple Recycling” bags to recycle unwanted clothing and housewares in re-usable condition and place the bags beside your regular trash container on your normal trash pickup day each Monday, and your Simple Recycling representative will pick up items and leave replacement bags. This service is in addition to your regular recycling program.
Yes, newspapers and magazines are collected at the recycling drop-off center at the City’s Service Garage located at 26260 Chardonview Road. Senior Citizens wishing to recycle their newspapers may have them picked up at their home on the third Friday of each month, by calling City Hall at 216-486-2474.
Call the Police Dispatch at 216-486-1234.

Recreation Department

The Kiwanis Lodge is only available to Richmond Heights’ residents. The deposit is $250 for the Senior Hall or the Kiwanis Hall and $400 for Both Halls. The deposit is refundable if everything is OK after the function. The rental fee for the Kiwanis Hall is $200, $350 for the Senior Hall and $500 for Both Halls. There is $100 fee for use of the kitchen. An auxiliary officer at $20 per hour needs to be present at all events extending past 5:00 p.m. The renter gets ten hours of use at the lodge and that includes set-up and clean-up.
The deposit will hold the requested date and the balance is due 30 days before the event. If the deposit is made less than 30 days prior to the event, the deposit and rental fee must be made in cash.
No, the concerts are open to everyone; residents and non-residents alike.
Season passes are available through a partnership with South Euclid for the 2022 season. The Spray park is open daily in Richmond Heights. Check the website for details about the cost and days and hours of operation.

Police Department

Contact the police department during regular business hours, 8:00 AM – 4:00 PM at 216-486-1234 and ask for records. The records personnel will explain the procedure.
The police dispatcher does not have any information not available to the general public concerning the period of time in which power will be restored.
Although snow plow operators are required to register with the police department and obtain a snow plow permit, the police department cannot make recommendations.
The police department contracts with the City of South Euclid for the use of their Animal Warden/Humane Officer. The city will provide a service to eliminate the nuisance without cost, once every 12 months. The city will address the issue in a two prong approach; first, it will attempt to trap and dispose of the wildlife, and secondly, will educate the resident on the steps they must take to keep other critters from coming back in the future. In addition, only animal problems on the exterior of the house can be addressed.
The ordinance covering handicapped parking requires that the operator be in possession of a handicapped placard; that it must not be expired; that it must be displayed. If the placard is not displayed in a manner that the enforcement officer can see a placard, then he will assume the vehicle does not possess one. Also, if the placard is displayed but it is expired, it is also not in compliance with the city ordinance.

Fire Department

Call the Division of Fire at (216) 383-6325, during our regular business hours of 8:00AM-5:00PM Monday thru Friday, for proper procedures to obtain a report.
The Division of Fire in partnership with UH Richmond Medical Center offers bi-monthly CPR courses to residents of Richmond Heights. Call Chief Neumann at (216) 383-6304, if interested. Class size is limited to 12 students per class. These classes are FREE to residents of Richmond Heights. This course is for the general public; it is not the Healthcare Provider Course. Participants must be at least 16 years old to attend.
A “lockbox” is a tamper-proof box mounted on the outside of a structure which contains keys to access the building. This allows firefighters quick access to a home or business even when the building may be secured, i.e. after hours or when occupants have limited mobility. Information to purchase a lockbox can be obtained by calling the Division of Fire at (216) 383-6325.

Law Department

A small claims action/lawsuit is filed in the Lyndhurst Municipal Court and the Court’s website and Clerk’s office by phone (440-461-6500) will assist you with filing the same.
The City Prosecutor, Jonathan D. Greenberg, at 216-781-1212, or the Lyndhurst Municipal Court which is the court jurisdiction within which Richmond Heights is located at 440-461-6500.
No, the City’s Director of Law and its Department of Law attorneys represent the City as a municipal corporation in Ohio and City officials and employees pursuant to their official responsibilities and duties, not the general public. If you do not have an attorney and need legal advice, call the Cleveland Metropolitan Bar Association at 216-696-3532.

Finance Deparment

The Director of Finance is the Chief Fiscal Officer of the City and is responsible for collecting receipts; making disbursements and maintaining the financial books and records of the City. With the Mayor, the Director of Finance prepares the annual budget to be submitted and approved by City Council.
There are three special assessments that are most frequently found on your tax bill. One that is on most tax bills for Richmond Heights is a Sewer Maintenance Fee. This special assessment amount ranges from $50 to $200 per half and is put on by the County Sanitary Sewer Engineer. The phone number to contact him is (216) 443-8201. Another special assessment is for the installation of the sewer line in your area. This assessment is put on by the City. The amount of this assessment varies by project. The time period of the assessment is for twenty years. You can contact the Director of Finance at City Hall (216) 486-2474 for specific information about your sewer assessment. The third special assessment is for lawn maintenance performed by the City on abandoned and vacant properties. This assessment is certified by the City with the County in early September for all maintenance charges from September of the previous year through August of the current year. Most title companies will check for any future assessments to a property at the time of sale. If the title company does not check, then the assessment will follow the property, not the previous owner.
It is the duty of the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer to fairly and uniformly reappraise every parcel of land and the buildings thereon once every six years. For more information visit the Cuyahoga County Fiscal Officer 2018 Reappraisal web page.

Building Department

If the fire hydrant is on the same side of the street as your home, you can apply for a permit to use the hydrant. You must first obtain a request form from the Division of Fire. The Fire Chief will assist you with the process of obtaining a permit from Cleveland Water.

Below is information from Cleveland Water outlining the process to use their water utility and infrastructure.

Temporary / Hydrant Permit

In some instances, you may need a temporary source of water for a variety of uses. A non-permanent service connection requires a temporary/hydrant permit.

There are two types of permits available: metered and estimated. Metered permits are only issued for long-term usage (6 months or longer). All other permits are estimated by Cleveland Water. Please note: Customers in suburbs must also supply a copy of the approval letter from the fire chief of that suburb to use the hydrants.

Potential acceptable uses for a temporary/hydrant permit include:

  • Construction
  • Demolition/dust control
  • Landscaping and community gardens
  • Filling containers
  • Cleaning
  • Flushing
  • Mixing cement
  • Filling swimming pools or ponds

Filling Swimming Pool Permit

Cleveland Water allows customers to fill a swimming pool by using a fire hydrant with the appropriate permit. The following procedure must be followed in order to obtain such a permit:

  • Obtain a letter of permission from your local fire department. If the permit is being requested in Cleveland, no fire department letter is required.
  • Bring the fire department letter to our Permits and Sales Department at 1201 Lakeside Ave. to apply for the permit. We will sign off and make a copy for our file. You are responsible for making sure your local fire department has a copy of the signed letter and permit from Cleveland Water.
  • We'll also need to know the number of gallons needed or the dimensions of the pool (i.e. length, width, and depth) so that we can determine the amount of water needed.
  • When applying you will be given a price to pay for the permit before it is issued. You may also be responsible for obtaining your own fire hydrant hose, hydrant wrench, and independent gate valve to operate the hydrant.

There are no refunds on hydrant permits. This is stated on the permit form.

Note: Some pool contractors will tell their customers they can contact Cleveland Water with their meter reading before they fill their pool from their homes so that they can receive a discount on the sewer bill. This is not true. There is no break on the sewer bill if the pool is filled from their home unless their respective sewer district allows the installation of a sewer exempt meter (deduct meter). In this case, no reads need to be called in ahead of time since all water will register on the sewer exempt meter.

For more information about temporary/hydrant permits, please call (216) 664-2444 or email us at To obtain a permit, please visit us at: Permits & Sales
1201 Lakeside Ave., 2nd Floor
Cleveland, Ohio 44114

A permit serves as formal and legal permission to start any construction project. The issuance of a building permit indicates that plans for a new structure, addition, renovation, plumbing, a/c or heating system, fireplace or accessory structure have been approved by the Department of Building, Zoning, Housing, and any related Board or Commission. This ensures that the plans comply with all mandated building and zoning codes.
Yes, You do need a permit to have one and you can obtain a permit at the Building Department located at City Hall.

Contact Information

City Hall
26789 Highland Road
Richmond Heights, OH 44143
Phone (216) 486-2474
Fax (216) 383-6320

Information Line
(216) 383-6300
(24hr. recorded message) 

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