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Leaf Collection

Leaf CollectionOur leaf pick-up trucks continually go through the city throughout leaf season. Wherever we leave off one day, we start up the next day, weather permitting. We continuously do a loop through the city.
We post our leaf pick-up sheets daily on our website so you can see where we have been the day before.  

Your cooperation is required in following the guidelines below in order to ensure the safety of both personnel and equipment:
  • Please rake leaves to the tree lawn. Do not place leaves in the street. Do not place leaves near a fire hydrant.
  • Branches, twigs, sticks, rocks and grass clippings MUST NOT be mixed in with the leaves. This will cause damage and clogging to the leaf machines.
  • The decision not to pick up leaf piles contaminated with any of the above items will be at the discretion of the Service Director.
  • If you prefer, you may continue to bag your leaves for collection by our rubbish contractor.
  • Please give these guidelines to your landscaper.

Leaf Safety Reminder

Please DO NOT let your children play in the leaf piles by the street. This picture was taken by a UPS driver on a route in the Midwest. Thank goodness it was not the scene of a horrible accident!

The Service Department typically begins its curbside leaf pick-up service the last week of October, and continues for six weeks or until the majority of the leaves are picked up, weather permitting.