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Mayor's Office

Mayor: David H. Roche

Collaboration Makes it Happen

When I think about all we were able to accomplish in 2015, I appreciate the ways that our many government, non-profit and business collaborations helped make it all possible. Just a few of our new collaborators this year include the Cuyahoga County Land Bank, Cuyahoga County Department of Information Technology, Richmond Town Square and the YMCA. These agencies help us serve you better. 

For example, the Land Bank is now managing the demolition of blighted structures in the City with the use of $100,000 in Demolition Bond Fund grant dollars awarded to Richmond Heights from the County Department of Development. Cuyahoga County is also instrumental in creating our new interactive website, widening Highland Road to accommodate cyclists and devising a fresh approach to developing County-owned lands across from our County Airport. 

Another collaborator, the State of Ohio Department of Administrative Services, has been a resource for us by providing us with the best possible prices for purchasing equipment including a leaf collection machine, as well as police, fire and EMS vehicles. On the federal level, we used, to sell more than $20,000 of surplus equipment and vehicles. 

Our collaborations with non-profit agencies such as the YMCA and the Heights Hillcrest Regional Chamber of Commerce (“HRCC”) proved to be extremely valuable in 2015. The YMCA managed and staffed our City’s pool this past summer and today, we are in discussions with the Y about the summer 2016 pool season. We hope to offer additional lessons and programming opportunities at the pool this year. As to the HRCC, it continues its tradition of being an avid supporter of the City’s business and community development activities. We see that support getting even stronger in 2016 as we work with the HRCC and our surrounding communities during the Republican National Convention. 

2015 brought new collaborations with private industry and retail to facilitate our economic development objectives. We held our first ever Real Estate and Business Showcase at Richmond Town Square with the support of Richmond Town Square’s management to facilitate business to business networking. We are also now working with local realtors Tim and Eileen Baur of Berkshire Hathaway Real Estate to help us meet our objective of selling unwanted properties. We finished the year with our first, ever movie filming. Greenwood Farm was the set for a horror film called “Bye, Bye Man”. This private industry collaboration resulted in improvements to the Greenwood Farm house and it brought financial benefits to the City and our region. 

Looking ahead, we will discuss the budget and our plans and objectives for 2016 at the Community Conversations at the Kiwanis Lodge. Among other things, we will discuss ways Richmond Heights can respond to the State’s 2016 budget decision to redirect money known as “Local Government Funds” away from the cities; thereby shifting the State financial burdens onto the shoulders of local municipalities. State cuts have adversely effected city services such as street repairs, lighting, park services and safety forces that cities can provide. 

We are looking forward to a financially stable situation with a balanced budget this year. With your help, I will do my part in maintaining and improving our quality of life. 

David H. Roche, Mayor