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Plastics, Glass, and Metals Recycling Suspended

Both curbside pickup and acceptance of plastics, glass, and aluminum/bi-metal containers was suspended in 2019. The City hopes this will be temporary and continues to seek options to combat new challenges in the world recyclables market for these items.

The City will continue to its other recycling efforts:

  • Curbside collection of leaves and branches during the season
  • Special Collections on designated Saturdays at the Service Department for:
    • Household hazardous waste
    • Computers, keyboards, towers, monitors, printers and anything else that goes along with a computer, cell phones
    • Scrap tires
  • Shred Days (watch for announcement of date/time/location)
  • Simple Recycling free curbside pickup of gently pre-owned clothing, shoes, accessories and other household discards like kitchenware, tools, toys, home goods and books
  • Mixed paper recycling bins behind the school, and at several nonprofits, places of worship and the Cleveland Metroparks

The decision to suspend curbside pickup and acceptance of plastics, glass, and aluminum/bi-metal containers was largely driven by changes in the world recycling market, including stricter rules regarding what is recyclable. Additionally, less than 8% of Richmond Heights’ residents recycled on a regular basis, and sadly some that did included items that were contaminated in some way such as food still in the container. The need to hand sort at the recycling center meant it often ended up the landfill anyway, at significant additional cost.

The City took bids from 3 different haulers hoping for a different result. Unfortunately, this is a widespread issue and will likely affect other cities in our community as their contracts come up for bid. The City remains hopeful that with time new reliable outlets for recycled materials will allow us to resume collection of the suspended items.

For more information about recycling opportunities contact the Cuyahoga Solid Waste District at (216) 443-3749 or visit