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Tree Limb And Brush Removal

Larger Limbs: City Chipper

Example of proper placement of branches for city chipper

The City’s chipper loops through the city the 2nd and 4th weeks of the month.

The City does not pick up shrubbery with roots, and branches must be placed on the tree lawn for pickup.

The intent of the City is not to pick up limbs from commercial contract work, but to collect and recycle limbs from residential yard work and storm damage. When limb removal is conducted by a contractor, all work by-products should be disposed of by the vendor.

When you wish to have the City pick up your limbs, please ensure each limb is stacked in a neat pile on your tree lawn, with the heavy end/larger diameter of all limbs pointing down the street. Large, wide limbs should be cut into narrower sections, so that they will fit through the mouth of the chipper. The City can chip anything that is approximately ½ inch to 3 ½ inches in diameter. Anything that is greater than 3 ½ inches in diameter should be cut in 15” lengths and can be used for firewood.

Smaller Branches: Waste Management

Example of branches that you should bag for Waste Management pickup

Waste Management can pick up small branches. All small twigs and branches that are less than ½ of an inch in diameter should be bundled or bagged and put out for Waste Management. There are a few guidelines to follow for including this material with your regular trash pick-up:

1. All limbs or shrubbery must be in lengths not to exceed four (4) feet. 
2. The refuse must be bundled and tied, in amounts that are manageable for one person.  Pay attention to the weight of your bundles.  If it is difficult for you to get to curb, it is probably too heavy for Waste Management to handle. 
3. Place the refuse on your tree lawn near your trash to avoid confusion, and the need for multiple or rolling stops.

The City picks up limbs from May to approximately mid-October

Tree Cutting and Chipping FAQ Sheet

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