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Pick Up Info for Large Waste Items...

Currently, our waste hauler is Waste Management, the phone number is: 1-866-797-9018. There are certain items our waste hauler will not pick up. These items include but are not limited to automotive parts, including tires, blocks of concrete, rocks, earth, logs, bushes with roots, household construction items, i.e., cupboards, sinks, toilets, etc., and household hazardous waste. If you are unsure of what you should put out, please call Waste Management or the Service Department at (216) 731-7014.

Generally Waste Management will pick up large furniture, but you should call them first to let them know you will have these items out and to inquire about any special instructions. One special instruction they have is that anything that is fabric, must be wrapped in plastic and sealed with either duct tape or packing tape, or they will not pick it up. If you have carpeting to get rid of you must cut it into four-foot lengths, roll it, tie it, and wrap it in plastic. Make sure each roll is not too heavy, the roll shouldn't weigh more than 30lbs each.

Call the Service Department if you would like to have any white goods picked up, including refrigerators, freezers, stoves, washers, dryers, window air conditioners, or HWT's. You must take the doors off the refrigerators and freezers. We can be reached at (216) 731-7014. We do our pickups every Wednesday, call us, so we have your address and phone number.

Yard waste will continue to be picked up on your normal collection day. When you bag grass and other yard materials do not make the bags too heavy, or they will not pick the bags up. Please note: you can only have up to eight (8) extra bags out with you garbage can, any more than that will not be picked up.


Some quick reminders before we head into leaf season to ensure the safety of both personnel and our equipment.

Please rake leaves to the tree lawn. Please do not place leaves in the street and do not place leaves near a fire hydrant.

Branches, twigs, sticks, rocks, and grass clippings must not be mixed in with the leaves. Our men could be injured, and this could cause damage and clogging to our equipment.

The decision not to pick up a leaf pile contaminated with any of the above items will be at the discretion of the Service Director. Please let your landscaper know about these guidelines.

If you prefer, you may bag your leaves for collection by our rubbish contractor, you could put out up to eight extra bags of leaves next to your trash can. If you put more out, they will not pick them up.

Please Note: Once we start picking up leaves we will not be chipping branches until we are done collecting leaves.

Thinking about Winter...

Please be patient with our snowplow drivers. If you encounter poor road conditions, it would be wise to reduce your vehicles speed and allow ample stopping distance between you and another vehicle. This is also important when traveling behind a city plow truck. These trucks throw blinding snow off their plows and could make sudden stops and often back up. Residents should always be prepared for poor weather conditions, if poor road conditions are forecast, plan to leave earlier.

Do not push snow from your driveway or apron into the street, if you are seen doing this you could get a citation. We do not remove snow from driveway aprons, which is the responsibility of the homeowner. 

Please tell your snowplow drivers do not put snow in the middle of your cul-de-sacs, or on someone else's tree lawn, they are to put it on your tree lawn only.

Mailboxes should be kept in good condition, so they can withstand being hit by the force of the snow being thrown off the plow trucks. If a mailbox is damaged or the post is broken because of thrown snow the city will not repair or replace it.

The city will only repair or replace a mailbox that has been hit directly by the snowplow equipment. If the city does have to replace a mailbox post it will be done with a post that is no larger than a 4"x4". All mailboxes and posts that we do have to replace because of a direct hit from our plows will be replaced with a conventional box and wood post only.

Lastly, please do not have your children play in the snow piles on the tree lawns or close to the street. When our drivers are plowing, they are watching the road, if your children are playing on a snow pile, they could slide off and be hurt.


Chipping is done the first and third weeks of the month except during leaf season. During leaf season we do not go out chipping. After leaf season is over, weather permitting we start chipping again.

We do not pick up shrubbery with roots, large logs, or stumps. Branches must be placed on the tree lawn for pickup, make sure all the branches are going the same way, not in a bon fire style. Please, if you have a lot of branches do not put them all out at the same time, put a little out each time we chip. We can not chip a tree lawn full of branches at one time. Branches could only be approximately 3.5 inches to 6 inches in diameter, anything that is greater than 6 inches in diameter should be used for firewood.

If you have small twigs, put them in with your trash, they are too small to put in our chipper, our men could be injured.

If a tree has been cut down or trimmed by a contractor, the branches and debris from the tree must be taken away by the contractor.


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